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Note: Some links are broken/not updated. If you are responsabile for any of these projects, please update it!

Ship Handling Simulator, Mexican Navy Museum (Veracruz, Mexico)

Author: Instituto de Investigación y Desarrollo Tecnológico de la Armada de México (INIDETAM)

The Mexican Navy Museum was re-inaugurated last April 2014, it now includes a Ship Handling Simulator developed in Delta3D.

The simulator took five months and 9 people to develop, it runs in Ubuntu 13.04 and Delta3D 2.7, the hardware interface relies on an Arduino Board.

The scope to this simulator is not training, it was develop with the only purpose to show museum visitors how it feels to handle a Mexican Navy Ship.

Some features include:

  • Ship movement in 6 DOF (Degrees Of Freedom) (Two shafts, one rudder ship movement)
  • Day/Night navigation
  • Fog/Rain/Clear Day
  • Realistic Ocean representation (using dtOcean)
  • Ambient sound

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You can contact me @rommeltoledo or


Distributed Simulation
Author: Petr Tsironis

Druid3D is a complete set of design tools and server/client modules that allows very fast and effective design and configuration of real-time distributed simulation. It can easily switch between running the simulation on a single computer or spreading the simulation over multiple computer machines.

Please post comments, or send me email to!

File:Http:// screenshot 1.png

File:Http:// screenshot 2.png

ARENALOGIC Air combat simulation

Arenalogic is the leading Danish company developing, high fidelity Tactical and Avionic procedure training solutions for the military aviation community. Find more info, video's and screenshots of our F 16 simulator.
[[media type="youtube" key="7Pp38U9TrSo&hl=en&fs=1&rel=0&autoplay=1&loop=1" height="444" width="525"]]

Thank you Delta3 team for your efforts !
Author: Arenalogic
URL: F 16 simulator.

J3Tech - J3Reality

Virtual Reality Suite
Author: J3Tech

J3Tech, Italian industry that develops Virtual Reality solutions and customized software, developed J3Reality.
J3Reality is a suite that manages any virtual reality station: it is able to interface with the most moderns systems design mechanical CAD, it allows interfacing with any tracking system and is designed to achieve maximum performance by the hardware available.

At you can download a DEMO version, with some restrictions.

Please post comments, or send me email to!

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SF 2003

3D space combat
Author: Ivan Bolcina
URL: My site
Description: 3D space shooter, simulation, fighter
Please post comments, or send me email to !
Source code is also available on my site. It is a great way to start with Delta3D! :-)

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