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 SimCore HLA Updates
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 10/12/2016 02:12PM (Read 269 times)  


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Hi, Presently we are using default SimCore HLA xml files such as RPR-FOM.fed and RPR1DriverDemoMapping.xml, these file contains many parameters that can handle updation for every actors in every fed, are there any specific parameters that can improve the movement of an actor. With default parameters like BEST EFFORT, RELIABLE their's a little bit jerky movement in the actor, are there any other parameters that can improve the movement of the actor. Thanks in advance.
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 10/26/2016 02:32AM  


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The jerkiness is related to Dead Reckoning and publishing data. Best effort sending will speed up sending data, but the defaults should usually be fine since just about everything is set to best effort. The dtGame:Big GrineadReckoningActorComponent (deadreckoninghelper.h) has SetDeadReckoningAlgorithm. Anything that derives from BaseEntity usually has that actor component, if not, you can one in code or in STAGE. This also has values for smoothing between the current position and velocity and the new one when an update arrives. The dtGame:Big GrinRPublishingActComp (drpublishingactcomp.h) defines tolerances in distance or rotation and for time to send updates. This It uses the dead-reckoning actor component to computer where it would be based on the values it's has published, and computes what the error is from the real values, and uses that to know when to send updates. With those two actor components, you should be able to make the networked actors run over the network completely smoothly, i.e. with no jerky motion.
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