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 How to make lightmaps in 3D Studio Max and export them as osg
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 12/05/2008 01:56PM (Read 2787 times)  


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Could any one explain me the process of creating lightmaps for outdoor scenes containing complex geometry, terrain etc., in 3dstudio max and exporting them as osg format.
Please provide some useful links for creating lightmaps in 3dstudio max

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mr d
 12/11/2008 08:13PM  

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If you are using OsgExp any bitmap placed in the material 'Self-Illumination' channel will be exported automatically as a lightmap for that material.

on exporting
check Material>Export Self-Illum Maps
if you do not want any scene lights to effect/blend with the lightmap
check Geometry State> Turn Off Lighting

creating lightmap very basic
if your mesh has any type of tiling of diffuse textures you will need to create a second UV map Channel and do Flatten Maping to create a proper map.

example for a piece of terrain covered by large single planar UV Mapping 'NO TILING'(or Character using single mapping).
1: Setup Lighting if you want shadows turn on light's shadows (If objects on terrain they will now cast shadows on to it).
2: Pick Terrain go Rendering> Render to Texture gets you Render Texture rollout.
3: area 'Object To Bake' should list your Terrain object. goto 'Output' area Add> LightingMap and pick a map size.
4: as your UV mapping is how you want it goto 'Mapping Coordinates' area and select 'Use Existing Channel' which should be set to 1
5: goto 'Selected Element Common Settings' Use 'Name and Type' to name your new bitmap and set location and type for output.
----Leave all other settings at default----
Hit 'Render' button at bottom of rollout
goto where you saved out your bitmap to see if it is there,if so, add to your Material's Self Illumination channel and export.

To better understand this operation goto your
Help> User Reference and look up Render to Texture.

also read up on UV Mapping if you do not know how to create multiple UV mapping channels. As it would take me 6-7 pages to write up all someone would have to know to do this properly.

Good Luck

Mr. D

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