Upgrading to OpenSceneGraph 3.3.7 and new VS2013 x64 dependencies

We are releasing new dependencies for the trunk build, this includes new experimental x64 deps for VS2013.  In light of this, we will be dropping support for VS2008, but all the old deps have been moved to a separate subfolder on sourceforge titled "trunk-old-osg3.2.1" in case you still need them.
OpenSceneGraph has been updated to 3.3.7 which also builds against the OSG trunk.
Bullet has been updated to the new 2.83
As well as updates to pal which we are currently on the trunk for.
As soon as the deps are uploaded I'll be commiting changes across the board for the upgrade, revision #9964 is the last revision on the OSG 3.2 branch.
As always the deps will be located on sourceforge here
NOTE:  There is a crash bug with STAGE at the moment, and the OSX dependencies have yet to be posted, so you may want to wait to update until this issues are corrected.  We'll post a revision to this when these have been solved.
UPDATE: The STAGE bugs have been corrected, and the update to OSG 3.3.7 is now much more stable.  Updated dependencies will be posted soon.


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