Happy New Year!

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All the decorations are put away, the kids are back to school, and I'm clearing the cobwebs out of my head...

That means it's time to bid you: Happy New Year!  All us on the delta3d team wish you a prosperous, healthy and fulfilling 2015!

We've been working quite a lot of code refactoring on the delta3d trunk, along with removing old classes, functions, and duplicate functionality.  We plan to do a lot more of that over the coming year and to spend time improving the Director Flow Programming tool with new functionality and design improvements. 

The trunk already has updates to dtPhysics to allow creation of complex jointed bodies in STAGE.  The visual editing of the bodies and joints is not yet finished, but property and runtime functionality works.

We haven't received any new bugs reports for the 2.8 release candidate, though we continue to fix minor issues in it.  It's been in release candidate for a while now, so what's there should be considered stable.  If nothing comes up soon, we'll just stamp it final.

Also in the works on the trunk are dynamic composition of actors where a new actor type can be created and given components in STAGE and saved as a prototype.  That prototype will then work like a regular actor type at runtime.  The overall goal is to make it possible with Director scripts and composable actors types to allow the user to create an entirel application in STAGE and to be able to change it at runtime.  We are getting very close.

AI and new Character functionality are in the works also with graphically scriptable behaviors, animation retargeting, and lot more.  Stay tuned, and, as always, user contributions and input are welcome!   


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