Building the Dependencies - Introduction

Welcome to the new dependency tutorial. You probably ended up here if you want to use Delta3D with a compiler that we do not officially support. We test with the latest version of gcc on Linux, but we no longer ship any gcc binaries since our current resources only let us maintain a pre-built dependency package for one major compiler.

Remember, if you find yourself required to carry out this task, there are most likely others that could benefit from your pioneering work. So if you are feeling especially helpful, you can always volunteer to be an official Keeper of the Binaries for your platform. Please contact info[AT]delta3d[DOT]org if you want to help out.

For more information regarding dependencies, see our official dependency page.

This tutorial is intended to walk you through using either Microsoft Windows w/ Microsoft Visual Studio or Linux w/ gcc. Since mixing the two doesn't make much sense, the tutorial has been factored into two parts:

Linux & gcc

Microsoft Windows & Microsoft Visual Studio


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