Art Asset Creation / Export Fundamentals

This tutorial set will help artists setup, use, and hopefully avoid problems with creating & exporting scenes to OSG and Cal3D using various asset creation packages.

Art Asset Creation/Export Fundamentals
CHARACTER CREATION (using Cal3d, ReplicantBody, and Delta3d)
    The Delta3D engine makes use of Cal3d and the ReplicantBody (.rbody) formats to animate characters. This means that creating rigged characters for use in the engine will require the artist to follow a couple of specific naming conventions, export in the cal3d format, and then create a ReplicantBody setup from the Cal3d export. Some tutorials are posted below:

VEHICLE / PROP CREATION (using OSG, FLT, and Delta3d)
    Vehicles and Props Creation can be simple or complex depending on the level of detail needed. Vehicles can be exported for use in the Delta3d engine via 3 formats: Open Scene Graph (OSG), 3ds (native format from Max export), and Open Flight (FLT – Multigen Creator’s native format). OSG and FLT support nodes such as LOD (Level of Detail), DOF (Degree of Freedom), and Switch - which is a flag you can set on an object to switch between states… (IE: damaged/fixed)
    At the time of this writing, the OSG exporter for 3dsmax does not support DOF nodes...But it does now support Max Dummy Helpers, which is a big step in the right direction. The official OSG exporter for Maya is limited at best and does not currently support animation. Some tutorials are posted below:

COLLISION Collision is currently created in code for the necessary objects. There is not currently a pipeline for artists to create/export collision models

GUI CREATION (using CEGui, and Delta 3d) Delta3d currently uses the Crazy Eddie GUI system (CEGUI) – Tutorials on its use will be added soon.


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