The Art of Art Assets - Building a Simple Bridge : Part 2b

The following is a comparison between a high and low polygon bridge model.

Final Triangle Count

The final triangle count is exactly 3200

Below is an example of our same bridge, completely un-optimized weighing in at a whopping 198,236 triangles! Wow, what made such a huge difference? Take a look at the holes in the struts, the railing is more complex, and we have some extra support in the joints. I would also like to point out that the support struts and railing were both created with Boolean operations so we have some hidden faces stuck in our geometry. The number of struts used has also increased by 4.

This is why we need to be careful during the construction of our game assets so we donít lose sight of our budget goals.

This ends Part 2 of our tutorial. To proceed to Part 3 click here


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