Setting up the 3D Studio Max CAL3D, IVE and OSG Exporters

In this tutorial we show you how to set up 3D Studio Max to export models for Cal 3D, OSG and IVE formats.

The Cal 3D Exporter

First, you will need to download the Cal 3D exporter cal3D_max_exporter from the CAL3D Project website.

Next, find the “plugins” directory for 3D Studio Max 7. The default is “C:3dsmax7\plugins”.

Copy the cal3D_max_exporter.dle file to the “plugins” directory for the correct version of your 3D Studio Max.

Next we need to copy the cal3d.dll file into the 3D Studio Max root folder. The default is "C:\3dsmax7";

That’s all you have to do. If you look at the export function of 3D Studio Max 7 you will see that Max now supports the export of Cal3D files.

The OSG and IVE file Exporter

To export files of type .osg or .ive, follow the following instructions.

Open the 3D Studio Max directory and locate the file “plugins.ini”.

Once you’ve located the file, open it and add the following line under the [Directories] block and before the [Help] block.

“OSG export=C:\Program Files\Delta3D\ext\bin\max7_exp”

NOTE: The correct directory path is where ever you installed Delta 3D. If your installation was placed somewhere other than in Program Files, adjust the path accordingly.

3D Studio Max will now support the export of .osg and .ive files.

For more information on the OSG exporter plugin visit: link


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