ChrAVE: Chromakeyed Augmented Virtual Environment

VEHelo (the software behind ChrAVE) combines existing technologies to create a highly deployable, immersive training system designed to address any simulation needs of deployed helicopter crews.

ChrAVE Capabilites include validated appended training system:

  • Near-zero footprint
  • Deployable
  • Immersive
  • Minimal learning curve (same interface as aircraft)

    Past work:

  • Evaluation at HS-10 (USN H-60 FRS) for transfer of training / usability
  • Evaluation at HMM(T)-164 (USMC H-46 FRS) for transfer of training/squadron employment.
  • Comparison of physically-based versus approximated NVG simulation for OTW view
  • Integrated low/no-light chromakey solution for realistic NVG cockpit lighting.

    Future work:

  • GPU chromakey mixing
  • Evaluation in instructional environment.

    ChrAVE linked in cockpit with blue screen draped over windshield:

    User inside cockpit wearing HMD:

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