About delta3d

delta3d is a widely-used, community-supported, open-source game and simulation engine. delta3d is appropriate for a variety of uses including training, education, visualization, and entertainment. delta3d is unique because it offers both a modern quality rendering engine and features specifically suited to the Modeling and Simulation and DoD communities such as High Level Architecture (HLA), After Action Review (AAR), large scale terrain support, and SCORM Learning Management System (LMS) integration.


delta3d is an Open Source engine which can be used for games, simulations, or other graphical applications. Its modular design integrates other well-known Open Source projects such as Open Scene Graph, Bullet Physics Library, and OpenAL. Delta3D aims to provide a consistent api where most uses won't require access the underlying libraries, but their api's are still accesible when needed.

For a full list of features, please see The delta3d Feature List. delta3d renders using OpenGL and imports a whole list of diverse file formats (.flt, .3ds, .obj, collada. et al.).

Supported Platforms

delta3d is developed and tested on Windows XP using Microsoft Visual Studio, Apple OS X using Clang, and linux using gcc. All the underlying dependencies are cross-platform as well, so just about any platform should be compatible with a few minor modifications to the source.

Support for delta3d is provided via the web Forums (web registration is required). User Contributions


delta3d is always looking for user contributions from the community. These contributions can be in the form of Release testing, source code for bug fixes and new features, or anything else you might think is beneficial to the delta3d community. For more information, please see the Submission Guidelines.



delta3d-Extras is a project housed on SourceForge which contains numerous projects related to the delta3d Engine. delta3d-Extras is not necessarily developed or maintained by the delta3d Development Team and is available for the community to share their delta3d-related projects with the world.

Mailing lists

There are two mailing lists available to keep you informed.

One is a low-traffic mailing list used to announce important events related to delta3d. Subscribe to the News mailing list here.

The second is a Repository Commit mailing list used to send notifications of repository activities. Subscribe to the Commit mailing list here.


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About delta3d

delta3d is a game and simulation engine appropriate for a wide variety of simulation and entertainment applications. delta3d uses best-of-breed open source technologies to create a fully integrated game engine and with content creation tools.MORE


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