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delta3d 2.9 demo

NewsThe Virginia Beach boardwalk has been remodelled for the new delta3d renderer. This is the first screenshot of our 2.9 demo in progress.

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VS 2015 Deps

NewsNew dependencies have been uploaded for VS 2015 x64 here. These are the first set of 2015 deps and do not yet have a Qt build with them. If you're feeling like experimenting give them a try we are in the process of upgrading the trunk to Qt 5 and will hopefully support their new 5.7 branch which has prebuilt VS 2015 x64 binaries.

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delta3d and OpenVR

NewsHere at delta3d we are excited by the prospects of virtual reality and have been having a lot of fun playing around with the different VR platforms. We have an initial integration with OpenVR in progress and have added dependencies for OSGOpenVRViewer here. We have made an initial commit of the dtVR library, it is still in development phase but we are very excited by this and want to thank the OsgOpenVRViewer contributors for their work in integrating OpenVR with OSG.

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Welcome to the new delta3d page!

NewsIt's been a while since we had any updates, in the meantime we have migrated the website to new hosting and have a new URL. Some users have reported links that are not working and we are in the process of fixing these. If you experience any problems with your account or find problems with the website let us know and we will look into it. We are working to make new tutorials and clean up the old examples as well as getting new dependencies out. In the meantime, there are a lot of advanced features in the testApp example that were part of the 2.8 overhaul. This is going to be the new framework moving forward and we plan to have another major overhaul of the codebase to reorganize everything in anticipation of delta3d 2.9.

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Hierarchy Editor


 We've been hard at work at new features and improvements to delta3d.  One feature that's coming together for 2.9 is a Hierarchy Editor.  That's not the official name, but it allows one to edit both an OSG scenegraph and the delta3d actor tree.  Here are a few screenshots in STAGE.  It's in the works on the REL2.9_Qt5 branch.

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Dependencies updated to newly released OpenSceneGraph 3.4


 The dependency packages on SourceForge were updated yesterday with the OpenSceneGraph 3.4 release, in addition we have integrated a fork of Bullet 2.83.x that adds support for multithreading.  We have been doing a lot of work with the Dreamworks Open Voxel Database (OpenVDB).  We will soon be adding Threading Building Blocks (TBB), OpenEXR, and OpenVDB to all the dependency packages along with some new examples on how to use them.  For VS 2013 users who did not have GDAL in the last dependency package that problem is resolved and PAL has been updated to the latest trunk version with improvements to performance, joints, and motors.

Precompiled packages of the updated dependencies for various platforms will be uploaded gradually over the next few days.


There are completed OS X dependencies, but there is a major bug with precompiled mipmaps in textures in OpenSceneGraph > ~3.3.7.  I can make all the the delta3d examples work by modifying the DDS and IVE plugins to throw away the MipMaps, but I'm going to wait a bit longer to see there is another solution.

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Upgrading to OpenSceneGraph 3.3.7 and new VS2013 x64 dependencies

We are releasing new dependencies for the trunk build, this includes new experimental x64 deps for VS2013.  In light of this, we will be dropping support for VS2008, but all the old deps have been moved to a separate subfolder on sourceforge titled "trunk-old-osg3.2.1" in case you still need them.
OpenSceneGraph has been updated to 3.3.7 which also builds against the OSG trunk.
Bullet has been updated to the new 2.83
As well as updates to pal which we are currently on the trunk for.
As soon as the deps are uploaded I'll be commiting changes across the board for the upgrade, revision #9964 is the last revision on the OSG 3.2 branch.
As always the deps will be located on sourceforge here
NOTE:  There is a crash bug with STAGE at the moment, and the OSX dependencies have yet to be posted, so you may want to wait to update until this issues are corrected.  We'll post a revision to this when these have been solved.
UPDATE: The STAGE bugs have been corrected, and the update to OSG 3.3.7 is now much more stable.  Updated dependencies will be posted soon.

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New Tutorial and looking towards 2.9


 The delta3d roadmap is being updated and we have a new tutorial here which shows how to start a new project with delta3d and use the new GameStart STAGE plugin for launching maps from within the editor.

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Happy New Year!

Welcome to Delta3D

All the decorations are put away, the kids are back to school, and I'm clearing the cobwebs out of my head...

That means it's time to bid you: Happy New Year!  All us on the delta3d team wish you a prosperous, healthy and fulfilling 2015!

We've been working quite a lot of code refactoring on the delta3d trunk, along with removing old classes, functions, and duplicate functionality.  We plan to do a lot more of that over the coming year and to spend time improving the Director Flow Programming tool with new functionality and design improvements. 

The trunk already has updates to dtPhysics to allow creation of complex jointed bodies in STAGE.  The visual editing of the bodies and joints is not yet finished, but property and runtime functionality works.

We haven't received any new bugs reports for the 2.8 release candidate, though we continue to fix minor issues in it.  It's been in release candidate for a while now, so what's there should be considered stable.  If nothing comes up soon, we'll just stamp it final.

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New Vehicle Dynamics Demo

Welcome to Delta3D

Download the new release candidate on sourceforge now. We also have a tutorial which will guide you through launching a delta3d client/server simulation and creating a recording through the network viewer and playing it back.

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